Video Games World

A video game is an electronic game which involves human interaction with machines, this is also defined as user interface. User interface is a way how a machine produces the efficient results, enjoyable and well self-explanatory for the user which is playing the game. The word video game indicate a device and since 2000 the display device has changed producing the 2D and 3D images.


Platform for Video Games

The devices used for video games such as consoles or computers are also defined as platforms, the most common consoles are joysticks, gamepads, keyboard and mouses. There are different types of games, the serious games, educational games and the casual games. Serious games are that type of games designed and developed to bring the player a sort of learning experience.

Serious and Casual Games

Serious games are also educational games and exercises ones which are mainly made to entertain any gender. Even the training exercises that United States Military uses are virtually based simulations!

The Educational games  are mainly developed to improve the students ability in mathematical, engineering, scientific and technological field. This is a campaign launched by Barack Obama in 2009 and it has the intention to help the goal of the American students in these fields to succeed by competition with each other to earn the achievements.

As a casual games we intend all that type of games which are easy accessible, quick to play and simple to understand. These kind of games can be played on personal computers, tablets, phones but they can also be found on the online console system download services such as Play Station Network, WiiWar, Xbox Live ect.

video games community

Usually a video game has a social experience involved, like the multiplayer video games which are used to compete with other players.

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Battlefield 1 Aimbot

Battlefield is a shooter video game developed by EA DICE just releasing in October 2016 and is the last expansion after all the previous series and is very similar to the others but emphasizes more the teamwork as a first person shooter and players can use World War 1 weapon with artillery, automatic rifles and mustard gas to fight the enemies.

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